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Hi there. We're Scotty and Sarah Turner.

We're a photographers living in the Chicago area. We see ourselves as more than camera and image-processing technicians. Rather, we focus on relationships and opening up a space where you can express layers of your real self and the beauty of your relationships. We believe that the best images not only capture the physical moment but communicate something of the emotion and meaning behind it.


Sarah loves vintage, film-like images packed with feeling and history. Scotty likes clean, modern lines full of color and contrast. Since we work together, we like to think that both of these styles are communicated though the whole process of planning, shooting, and editing to combine into a unique expression of the individuals with whom we're working.

Specializing in reportage lifestyle, portraiture, and wedding photography, we want to make beautiful images through relational and comfortable photo sessions.  We this with precise technical skills and advanced image editing to create photographs you'll love for a lifetime.

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